Saturday, July 28, 2007

Children's Literauture as a Resource

I. Title: Children’s Literature as a Resource

II. Author: Sarah Borders and Pamela Paisley

III. Author's Purpose for Writing: examines the developmental effects of using bibliotherapy-based classroom guidance curriculum.

IV. What are the points made in the review of the literature? Do they support the need for the study?
Research suggests that bibliotherapy is valuable for elementary students.
Bibliotherapy has been shown additionally to have positive effects on students' problem-solving ability, prosocial behavior, values development, interpersonal relations, acceptance of people different from themselves, and reading achievement (Cornett & Cornett, 1980).

V. Author's Inquiry Question/s?

VI. Author's Methodology
A. Who is being studied? Control group of 20 students in fifth grade, experimental group of 22 students in 4th and 5th grade.
B. Over what length of time? 3 months
C. What data is being collected: pre-tests and post-tests
D. How is it being analyzed: blind scorer- not sure of what students are in which group.
E. Any other interesting or pertinent data?

VII. How the author collected information: administered pre-tests and post-tests to students after reading a set of novels.

VIII. What the Author Discovered or Conclusions/Implications: For bibliotherapy to be effective, you need to consider both the problem the child has and the quality of the literature. It is also important to use active listening and empathic responses when discussing issues with the children.

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